The Perfect Outfit for Summer

My favourite outfit at the moment, and an update on my plans for the summer

Jeg sitter på et tomannsbord helt alene. Koser meg gløgg igjel i mitt eget selskap. Kafeen jeg besøker har takvindu, og himmelen over meg er babyblå med små hvite skydotter som er så perfekt og runde at de ser ut som de er malt på. Jeg har ferie, og jeg koser meg.

//I’m sitting on my own at a table for two. Enjoying my own company to the fullest. The café I’m visiting has a roof-top window, and the sky above me is coloured baby blue with tiny dots of clouds, so perfectly round that they look like they’re painted on. I’m on vacation, and I’m loving it.

The Perfect Summer Outfit

I går bestilte Herman og jeg flybilletter hjem til Norge, og jeg begynner virkelig å kjenne at sommeren nærmer seg. Den fæle og fine tida på året, der jeg endelig er hjemme med familien min igjen som jeg savner hele året, men også den tiden jeg knapt ser Herman, som jeg er vant til å ha rundt meg hver eneste dag. Klumpen i magen er ikke til å ta feil av, jeg grugleder meg. 

//Herman and I booked flight tickets home to Norway yesterday, and it’s really starting to hit me that summer is near. The lovely and horrible time of year where I finally get to see my family again, who I spend all year missing, but also the time of year where I hardly see Herman, who I’m used to being around every single day. The feeling in the pit of my stomach cannot be mistaken, I’m looking forward to it but dreading it at the same time.

The Perfect Summer Outfit

What life will be like back home

Denne sommeren blir likevel litt annerledes, og spenningen kribler helt ned til tærne. Hvis alt går som planlagt, kan det hende at jeg denne sommeren virkelig får smake på selvstendigheten. Jeg flyttet jo egentlig til London for å bli nettopp det; selvstendig. Men når du klarer å forelske deg like før flyttedatoen, og du ender opp pladask i et forhold allerede første dagen i ny by, ja, da går du inn i den selvstendige tilværelsen med støttehjul på.

//However, this summer will be a little different, and I can feel my excitement all the way down to my toes. If everything goes to plan, this summer might be when I finally get a real taste of independence.  I moved to London to become just that; independent. But when you manage to fall in love just before moving day and end up in a relationship on the first day in the new city, well, then you kind of enter independence with training wheels on.

The Perfect Summer Outfit

Secrets, secrets ?

Jeg vil ikke si noe for tidlig da, det kan jo hende planene faller fra hverandre og jeg får fire eviglange måneder i Bodø igjen. Hvis dere husker hva jeg skrev på bloggen sist sommer, vet dere at jeg kjedet meg en del, at jeg ble ganske ensom i hjembyen min. Men denne sommeren vil det bli annerledes det også, å komme hjem. For nå har mine to venninner flyttet hjem fra Australia. Vennegjengen min er samlet igen, mamma har flyttet inn i ny leilighet, og jeg har fått en kjempespennende jobb. Det kan vel ikke bli bedre ? (Jo, hvis Herman kommer på besøk)

//I don’t want to speak too soon, in case my plans fall apart and I end up in my hometown for the whole summer, those four never-ending months. If you remember what I wrote last year on my blog, you’ll know that I got pretty bored and lonely at home that summer. But this summer will be different in that way as well because now my friends that moved to Australia have come home again. My girl squad is reunited, my mom has moved into a new flat, and I’ve got a really exciting job. It can’t get better than that, right? (It could if only Herman comes to visit)

The Perfect Summer Outfit

Med all denne snakken om sommerferie, tenkte jeg å vise dere mitt nye favorittantrekk. Nå når været har vært så varmt og fint i London, har jeg plukket ut dette antrekket minst ti ganger fra klesskapet. Dere vet hvordan motebloggere viser et antrekk kun én gang, og så kjøper de nye klær? Jepp, jeg er ikke en av dem. I mitt liv får jeg virkelig nytten ut av hvert eneste klesplagg, og her er det ingen som hører “nei, det har jeg allerede hatt på meg denne uken”. En uke gikk jeg faktisk med dette antrekket tre dager på rad, før det endelig var på tide å vaske bort solkrem og sommersvette i vaskemaskinen. Altså, ærlighet varer lengst.

Hvis du har lest helt hit, tusen takk! Jeg vil gjerne vite hva dine sommerplaner er?

//With all this talk about summer, I thought it would be perfect to show you my new favourite outfit. Now that the weather has been so warm and lovely in London I’ve picked this outfit from the closet at least ten times. You know those fashion bloggers who show their outfit only once, and then they buy new clothes? Yeah, I’m not like that. In my life, the clothes I have really get used for what they’re worth. No one will hear me say “no, I can’t wear that because I’ve already worn that this week.” One week I wore this exact outfit three days in a row before I finally put it in the washing machine to rinse off the sunscreen and summer sweat. Honesty is the best policy.

If you’ve read this far, thank you! Please tell me what your summer plans are?

I'm Martine, a bubbly and talkative twenty-one-year-old who's currently living in London. I love friendly people, sad films, silly movies, photography and blogging. Especially blogging.


  1. Love the trousers! Your plans for the summer seem lovely, I cannot wait to know what your project is! For me the summer will be pretty boring after I come back from vacation because I just have work every day during the week from 9-5 and my friends work opposite hours so it gets pretty boring… Hopefully I still make the most of it by taking lunch walks and eating outside whenever I can!

    1. Thank you! Ah that’s too bad. Luckily your job sounds really interesting, so I’m sure it will be a nice summer still. And your travelling will make it all worth it!

  2. omg y’all fell in love on your first day in a new city? What is this movie life?? Y’all are too cute haha <3 // I feel like I found my independence in college, and it's part of my love for my city. I often whether my love is for the city specifically, or for the independence I found, and whether I'd have the same love if I had studied somewhere else. It's probably a mix. But as soon as I get home, I turn into a baby and I get so dependent on my parents haha. // Hope your plans pull through and wishing you all the best! I just graduated from undergrad and so much of my future is uncertain, including my summer! Since the lease for my current apartment doesn't end until mid August, I'm staying around and giving myself the summer to sort out life, which really just means to find a job haha. I'll really need to keep on top of myself and not let these summer days fade away! // Love your summer uniform! In the summer I like to keep clothes loose and breezy, so I'm really loving your trousers ^-^ // Girl, I'm always repeating clothes. I have three pairs of jeans I rotate through and I don't often put them in the wash… But you're not even supposed to wash jeans that often anyway, so it's fine right?? That said, I do think I'll be going through clothes more quickly over the summer, because I know I'll get all hot, sweaty, and gross 😛 Can't get away with wearing old clothes like I can in the winter! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

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