Restraint and Heartache

So I had another dream about you.

We were sitting at a crowded dark bar, having a wonderful conversation. You looked straight into my eyes, smiled sweetly, and leaned ever-so-close to me. Our faces were just inches apart when you tried to kiss me… but I couldn’t do it. Seeing the beer bottle gripped in your hand, I knew you were drunk. As much as I wanted it, I couldn’t bring myself to let you kiss me. Stupid, huh? My dream finally gives me what I want (you wanting me) but I’m too picky to accept it. I guess it’s a girl thing.

I want my first kiss to be sincere, not some drunken fling. When the day comes, I want it to be sober, sweet, awkward even. I want it to be real.

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Hvordan vil du at ditt første kyss skal være? Eller hvordan var det?

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