My first weekend living alone in Amsterdam

[one-half-first]Solen skinte, livet var spennende, og jeg var ensom som faen. Min første helg i Amsterdam var noe for seg selv. Den hadde mange oppturer og nedturer. I det ene øyeblikket elsket jeg livet og i det neste følte jeg meg helt bortkommen. På mange måter satt den første helgen tonen for tiden min der. I denne videobloggen drar jeg på handling i nederlandske matbutikken Albert Heijn, spiser is i parken før middag (fordi hvorfor ikke), møter noen ekle menn, danser til Taylor Swift for å bli glad igjen – og tar toget i førtifem minutter for å ligge på stranda mutt aleine. Det er tjue innholdsrike minutter, foråsirresånn.[/one-half-first]
[one-half]The sun was shining, life was exciting, and I was lonely as heck. My first weekend in Amsterdam was quite something. It involved a lot of ups and downs, feeling amazing and loving life one second and feeling lost the next. In many ways, this first weekend set the tone for the rest of my time there. In this vlog I’m doing a food haul from the Dutch Supermarket Albert Heijn, eating ice cream in the park before dinner (because why not), meeting some scary men, dancing to Taylor Swift to get happy again, and taking the train for 45 minutes to lay on the beach all alone. It’s an eventful 20 minutes lemme tell you that![/one-half]

[one-half-first]Jeg brukte evigheter på å redigere videoen og jeg er så stolt av resultatet. Håper du liker den like godt som meg![/one-half-first]
[one-half]I spent ages editing this video and I’m so proud of how it came out. I hope you like it as much as I do![/one-half]


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  • Audrey
    Posted at 05:19h, 28 October Reply

    I know this was ages ago, but ahh that encounter sounded scary and I’m glad you got home safe! In college I was 15-20min away from the city, and during my four years of studies, I got really comfortable in the city. During my last year of college, I felt reallyy comfortable and would be out late at night a little more often than before. And then it seemed like I kept getting in situations where I felt unsafe, so I’ve since decided that I probably still shouldn’t be out too late at night, or if I am, I should go with a biggg group haha. Anyways, I realised that when I’m in situations where I feel unsafe, I need to forget about being a nice girl and adhering to social norms, and I need to take care of myself. If someone is making me feel unsafe, even if they haven’t done anything bad yet, it’s not my responsibility to pretend nothing is wrong and try to smooth things over. Do I have to wait until I’m in a bad situation for my feelings to be valid? No!! (But you already know that :)) It’s important to get myself out of that situation and be comfortable knowing that I don’t owe that person anything. // Anywho, on a lighter note, your pitas look really delicious :3 What do you put in them? // One of my favourite things about having the house to myself is being able to play music as loud as I want :3 // Many of my friends have moments where they feel lonely, whereas I could actually go for days without talking to people if I wanted (or if no one I knew happened to be nearby). My friends think I’m crazy, but I think it’s because I have my blog as an outlet. So I definitely relate to your “urgency” to vlog when you feel like that! Again, I really enjoyed your blog post that shared your diary entries from Amsterdam; I got a sense of the ups and downs of being in a new city alone, and I related to that <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

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