A Week in My Life: Sandrine in Montreal

Hello readers of Martine’s blog! I’m Sandrine, a 20-year-old student, fashion-lover and the blogger behind ‘I Am Sandrine’. Martine and I decided to write a guest post for each other’s blog to learn more about what it’s like to live in different countries as two girls of the same age with the same passion for blogging. This week I’m welcoming you into my world in snowy Montréal Canada!

A few months ago, the Telegraph described my city as a mix between Brooklyn and Paris. “Bonjour-Hi” is the greeting you will hear in every shop or restaurant, and the temperature varies from -30 °C in winter to 30 °C in summer. Here is what a typical week looks like for me in the city often nicknamed the 514.

Monday – The Hustle & Bustle of the Old Montreal

After a morning at University, I spent the afternoon in the Old Montreal to hang out with a friend. I am studying in the Communications and Cultural Studies BA, which is why I cannot resist spending time in one of the most culturally rich areas of the city.

The Old Port is a fascinating neighbourhood on the island due to the French and English architecture from the colonial periods. It’s also where most the hustle and bustle of the city happens (outside of the downtown area) and where you can find some of the cutest cafés/restaurants. In the summer it’s my favourite place to be but I must say the snow and the fairy lights in the cold months are also very pretty!


Tuesday – Croissant & Earl Grey at Myriade

I don’t think I could have done a week in my life post without mentioning a visit to what was once the best-kept secret in the city: The Myriade Dominion Square café. Myriade is a chic café located downstairs of the Club Monaco store on the main shopping street. This is a special place for me: I attended the opening party and I’ve also brought many friends here over the years.

To access the café you have to go down the marble stairs at the back of the store and then you see the beautiful floor tiles and the teal banquette seating. I always have a croissant and Earl Grey tea when I go there! This week was a bit of a challenge because the café was extremely crowded and I had to wait to get a table. When I was finally able to sit down, I enjoyed my buttery croissant and wrote a post for my blog.

Wednesday – Flowers, skincare & donuts

Typically, I spend the whole day at work on Wednesdays but this week was special: I was invited to attend the launch of a French skincare line in the morning. The event happened in an art gallery located in the Plateau neighbourhood. My favourite florist in the city was in charge of decorating the room and they gave us cute donuts! On my way back to work I listened to an episode of “Let’s Discuss Podcast”. I always get a bit anxious when I’m in the public transport so I love how soothing listening to a podcast feels!

Thursday – Old Campus & Sushi

One weird fact about my University is that it is divided into two campuses: a modern one located in the center of the city and another one built in 1900 that is extremely hard to access from where I live. However, I have to say that I love the look of the old campus and the view with the snow was quite magical.

Later in the day, I found another excuse to visit the Old Montreal and went for sushi with my childhood friend in a cool restaurant called Kyo. After New York City, Montréal is the North American city with the most restaurants per capita, so there are plenty of places to choose from when you’re hungry. Kyo is one I always go back to. The sushi plates were followed by donuts (again!) and fresh berries.

Friday – Work Work Work

Friday is another full day at work for me! My job is (among other things) to write the product descriptions for an online shop selling pre-loved designer handbags. I’ve been working here for a year and I love it! Our office is located right by the Atwater market and the Lachine canal. It’s especially fun to be there in summer as there is so much to do around! Because of the grim weather, I wore a colourful outfit with my pink coat and a red ribbed jumper.

Despite Montreal being known for its great nightlife, I went back home after work to read more of pages of Call Me By Your Name and Alias Grace. I’m not a huge fan of going out, and as an introvert, alone time is all I need at the end of a busy week.


This is typically when I have time to take photos of outfits for my blog. My parents have been helping me with them since the beginning! I spent the rest of the weekend up north at my family’s cabin. It feels amazing to escape the city every now and then! The rest of my weekend wasn’t very exciting as I spent the whole Saturday writing a school essay and watched the film Ladybird in my spare time!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Read about Martine’s week on my blog.

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